From feedback to insight in 1 click

Coper.BI, smart assistant for e-commerce

Feedback as a 5-star rating is a first level of information but not very specific, is it?

Coper.BI is the first semantic-based app easy to install without any learning.

With Coper.BI you are teamed with the very best of AI assistants to acquire knowledge from your customers feedback.

Coper.BI's added value

With Coper.BI  we have selected the very best of NLP engines (Natural Language Processing), datavisualization approaches and UX/UI (our experts have designed intuitive interfaces to let you focus on your tasks).

Plugged into your e-shopping website, Coper.BI gives you intuitive interfaces to get a synthetic overview of what is said about your products, that way you can make the best decisions to drive your sales or controle your e-reputation.

Coper.BI gives you leverage to:

Decrease insatisfaction

Speed up the way you make contact with unhappy customers to reduce duration and intensity of insatisfaction.

Find your brand ambassadors

Get in touch with the most positive feedback authors to make them your chosen brand ambassadors.

Get factual indicators

Measure the perceived quality and observe how trends evolve through smart KPI.

  • Coper.BI's assets

    Coper.BI is a high-performance assistant to process cusrtomers' feedback. Thanks to AI and semantic analyses, Coper.BI automatically gives you a synthetic overview of what your customers say from 3 viewpoints:

    1. Customer relationship & E-reputation: find potential brand ambassadors and unhappy customers
    2. Eco-system & Network: find out what your customers think about your providers, suppliers and other partners
    3. Website & sales optimization: if your customers talk about it, you will know if product descriptions are non-compliant or if the payement process is seen as unsafe for example
  • Coper.BI set up

    Conceived as an easy-to-integrate tool into e-commerce ecosystem, Coper.BI needs only 4 steps to work:

    1. Creation of your online shop and activation of the Coper.BI app from the market place
    2. Website and app set up
    3. Feedback storage (back-office) and display (front-office)
    4. Indicators analyses and activity steering

CoperBee: with you through digitalization

CoperBee's teams always focus on innovation, no matter if the subject is research, development, training, consulting or digitalization for example! Coper.BI is the very first product made by the R&D at CoperBee, seen as a smart tool within an omnichannel srtategy for e-commerce.
To know more about CoperBee, check the website out.

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Coper.BI in the news

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Coper.BI, the first R&D product by CoperBee